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Why E-Cigarettes are Becoming Popular in Society

by Ella Kern
E-Cigarette or electronic cigarette was originally invented as an alternative to tobacco smoking, and help chain smokers to give up their tobacco addiction. It is a handheld electronic device that provides a similar feeling to inhaling tobacco smoke, without the smoke. By using this battery-operated device, people can inhale nicotine or non-nicotine aerosol, flavorings, and other chemicals. The device looks similar to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, pens, or USB memory sticks. In the market there are 460 different e-cigarette brands available with multiple design and flavors. Currently, they are very popular among teens and young adults, and a recent study shows that 40 percent of these users had not been smokers before using the device. Why E-Cigarettes are Becoming Popular in Society
  • How E-Cigarettes work
E-cigarettes are made-up with four different components; these are a mouthpiece, battery, atomizer, and cartridge. When a user sucks on the mouthpiece, the device gets activate and heat up the cartridge causing it to vaporize. The person then inhales the resulting aerosol or vapor and gives the user similar feeling to inhaling tobacco smoke. The cartridge also is known as e-liquid or e-juice is made by zero to high (24 to 36 milligrams) nicotine from tobacco, propylene glycol, and flavoring agents. They are available in a wide range of flavors like a traditional tobacco cigarette, watermelon, menthol, and lava flow.
  • How E-Cigarettes help a person quit smoking?
E-cigarettes help lower nicotine e-liquid Australia cravings in those who are trying to quit smoking. It mimics the action of traditional smoking and deceives the brain's reward system which motivates some people to use nicotine again and again. This process gradually reduces the demand for nicotine intake and encourage us to quit smoking. Many traditional tobacco smokers successfully used e-cigarettes to quit their decade long smoking habits. It helps those traditional smokers who have developed a respiratory problem over smoking for multiple years and gave them a healthy alternative.  
  • Health Effects of E-Cigarette
Although e-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking cigarettes, they are not completely risk-free. Most E-cigarette brands present themselves as a more healthful alternative to cigarettes and other conventional forms of nicotine intake. However, there is no such scientific evidence to that. Also, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) studies conclude that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarette, but they aren't completely harmless. Different chemicals and flavoring agent may cause some respiratory problem in few users. The CDC study also suggested that they are not suitable for pregnant woman, young people below 18 who have never smoked before.  
  • Social Effects of E-Cigarette
E-cigarettes have created a profound effect on our society. Even though it was invented as a quit smoking tool for traditional tobacco smokers, now it is more popular among non-tobacco teen smokers. The social media has created a myth that it is totally harmless for everyone, and encourage its use among teenagers. The different non-conventional flavors like watermelon, menthol, and lava flow made it popular among young girls and women. A recent study from the CDC concluded the negative effect of brain development in teenagers.